We are proud to represent advanced and reliable products in Brazil

Our products are designed to provide the best solution available to our costumers

Our products are in line with the cutting-edge technology and allow our clients to rely on proved and certified solutions to each field where a modern and safe approach is required to daily operations.

Impex works within the major fields in the industry,  providing land, water, rescue, personal and optical solutions.

Each product is designed to operate under the heavy-duty conditions expected to be found on our client's operational scenarios.

Our manufactures understand the reality of such operational scenarios and have developed equipment that, being certified by international standards, are fully prepared to deliver the expected performance without compromising the end user safety.

To provide a better experience to the end user, our manufacturers are fully prepared to provide training and drills where the client will be in contact with the most experienced trainers and receive information based on worldwide input received from other foreign clients.



Solutions in five divisions